The Graphic Path – Illustration Portfolio

About Jose Martin

There’s always a beginning for everything, and a special moment that changes your approach to life. Jose’s first special moment came when his grandfather bought him a Mexican reprint of Superman’s 50’s comic books, by Novaro publishing company. Those powerful panels, created by the art of Curt Swanmade him grab hold of a pencil, and start trying to emulate his artwork.

Jose began to pay attention to comic book credits, following the names of all those behind the pencils, learning to recognise their different styles and mastery. John Buscema, Gene Colan, Brian Bolland, Bernie Wrightson, Gil KaneJack Kirby, and many others became his schoolmasters.

A few comic books later, Jose decided to go to Oviedo School of Arts (Asturias, Spain), where he acquired his Bachelors Degree in Applied Arts and Graphic Design.

After nearly three years as a retail manager of his own comic book store in Oviedo, simultaneously freelancing as an illustrator, Jose decided to focus in graphic design. A job offer from Alicante made him to move there, where, mainly for the same agency, QC Creativos, he honed his skills in different areas such as branding, poster illustration, editorial design and art direction, successfully producing projects for a variety of clients, including tourism, hospitality, publishing, academia or the wine industry, during a period of fifteen years.

Jose currently lives with his wife in North West England, where he continues learning new things, building up new collaborations, delivering new creative projects, and feeling passionate with every bit of it.